Our Roots

Founded in 2023, our journey began in 2017 with a simple yet profound need - to stabilize and store outdoor torches effectively. Our flagship products, the TorchHolder Spike, TorchHolder Wall Mount, and TorchHolder Grommet, are the embodiment of this vision.

The Inspiration Behind TorchHolder

Our inspiration stemmed from a common frustration experienced by our founder, Pat Brennan, back in 2015. The challenge of securing tiki torches in the ground without them toppling over led to the conceptualization of TorchHolder.

The frequent spillage of fuel and the cumbersome storage of torches when not in use called for a solution that was both practical and durable. This led to the development of our unique grommet, crafted from a blend of plastic for longevity and rubber for stability, ensuring your torches remain upright even in challenging weather conditions.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is straightforward yet ambitious: to continually create innovative products that find their place in consumer markets, enhancing the outdoor experience for individuals and businesses alike. With plans to expand into retail and eventually to the European market, our journey is just beginning.

Our values are simple - we cherish leisure time with loved ones outdoors and believe in the power of reliable tools to make those moments enjoyable without any worries. As we look forward to expanding our product line, our commitment to quality, customer service, and intuitive product design remains unwavering.

We look forward to making your backyard experience better than ever.