Revolutionizing Outdoor Spaces

Born from a blend of necessity and innovation in 2015, TorchHolder revolutionized the way we light our outdoor spaces. Frustrated by the lack of reliable and elegant solutions for securing tiki torches, our founders envisioned a product that not only ensures stability but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor setting.

The TorchHolder, with its robust rubber grommet and sturdy spike, offers unparalleled ease in anchoring your tiki torches into the ground. For those who prefer a more elevated look, the TorchHolder Wallmount transforms your walls into a backdrop for warmth and light, seamlessly integrating with any decor.

A Glimpse into Ingenuity: Our Original Schematics

Dive into the blueprint of innovation with our original TorchHolder schematics. These detailed drawings are more than just technical illustrations; they are a testament to our commitment to solving real-world problems through thoughtful design.

The TorchHolder Spike

Our schematics serve as the foundational blueprint that brings the TorchHolder vision to life, showcasing the precision and care embedded in every design decision.

They represent not just the technical aspect of TorchHolder, but also our dedication to creating products that enhance your outdoor experiences.

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We look forward to making your backyard experience better than ever.