Conception of TorchHolder

TorchHolder was conceived in 2015, but it wasn't until 2023 that Backyard Tools Corp brought it to life with the launch of our first products. The journey from concept to realization was fueled by a desire to address the challenges associated with using and storing outdoor torches.


The Inspiration Behind TorchHolder

Obtaining Patent No. 10408439 marked a significant milestone in our journey, but it was just the beginning. The path to bringing TorchHolder to market was paved with challenges, including design refinements, securing investments, and navigating the complexities of manufacturing.

Our commitment to quality saw us transition from local to overseas manufacturing to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising on our standards.

Our product packaging reflects the care and attention to detail we put into every aspect of TorchHolder. As we prepare for our official product launch in 2024, our focus remains on self-fulfilling orders with the same level of dedication and care that has characterized our journey so far.

TorchHolder addresses a need that has existed since the invention of backyard torches in the 1950s - stability and storage. Our products, from the ground-stabilizing Spike to the space-saving Wall Mount, are designed to enhance your outdoor experience. The TorchHolder Bundle offers a comprehensive solution for enjoying and preserving your tiki torches, ensuring they're ready for your next outdoor gathering.

We look forward to making your backyard experience better than ever.