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SeaSucker Medium Strap - Black

SeaSucker Medium Strap - Black

Designed for an RV marketplace, our tools can take advantage of this versatile accessory. You can mount flags, lighting poles, Torchholder Solar Lamps with the versatilaty of the SeaSucker Medium Strap. SeaSucker Medium Strap is sold as a single item or could be bundled with other Torchholder products. 

A heavy-duty, black-rubber strap mounted on a powerful-yet-easy-to-use 6″ SeaSucker, makes it easy to secure a variety of items. Multi-step strapping capability lets this unit hold things as small as a fire extinguisher and as large as an 80-sized dive tank. Ground Spike for holding a pole that is up to 2" round firmly in the ground. 

TorchHolder is a tool for holding your Outdoor Torch in the ground while in use. No more sagging or falling torches when you use the Outdoor TorchHolder Spike.

Check out this video for examples on how to maximize the use of your SeaSuckers!

  • Approx. 6.5" wide, 3" tall to base of strap
  • Powered by powerful 210lb pull-strength rated 6" vacuum mount
  • Super Quick Fist Clamp is made with UV resistant resin
  • Holds objects from 2.5" to 9.5" in diameter
  • Each clamp supports a safe working load of 50lbs (23 kilos)
  • Great for holding our Torchholder Solar Lamps
  • Clamps onto the side of a vehicle and holds tight.
  • Has up to 120lbs of holding power
  • Will fit in the Torchholder bag
  • Easy choice for temporary lighting around the RV
  • Sturdy and rugged design meant to last for years
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