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About TorchHolder

TorchHolder was created to help the home or business owner utilize their Tiki Torch’s. I found that they tend to be difficult to put into the ground and stay upright. It’s no fun when the torches fall over onto the ground spilling Torch Fuel.

With TorchHolder, simply screw the TorchHolder Spike where you want it to consistently hold your Tiki Torch upright. When done, store them on the TorchHolder Wallmount safely for future use.

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Tiki Torch Spike will hold the torch around the base of the torch grabbing it firmly when you want a deep seeded hold to resist wind and weak soil. Durable for holding your torch in the ground for stable positioning and ease of use. Place as many as you need and pair them with the Wall Mount for storing when not in use.

Tiki Torch Spike is made of plastic making it rust-proof.


This unique wallmount is designed to easily mount to your wall, garage, or outdoors near a patio or porch where you enjoy your torch use. The wall mount design is designed to work as a single or multiple mount option.

Tiki Torch Wallmount is made of plastic making it rust-proof.



Drive the screw spike into the ground for a stable foundation. The TorchHolder Spike will screw into dirt, sand, or even snow. Don’t worry about it rusting because it’s made from very durable plastic. It will last for years.

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Elevate your atmosphere as you insert your torch into the secured spike. Whether for lighting up a garden pathway or creating a warm glow during an evening gathering, TorchHolder ensures your torch stands tall and proud, ready to illuminate.

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This final step allows you to neatly organize both spikes and torches, keeping them within arm's reach for your next outdoor adventure. Effortless, stylish, and always ready for the next light-filled moment!

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Secure & Safe

We also knew that there are times when you want to put your Torches away. Why not hang them in a storage or garage area where they are safe and ready for reuse? That’s why we made the TorchHolder Wallmount.

The Wallmount makes sure can be safely stored in your garage or storage area. Torches fall over easily spilling the fuel and making a mess. Prevent accidents with a Wallmount.

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